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How to Store Your Data on the Internet

These days, there have been more varied ways you can do to store your data and one of the ways is to make use of the internet. A lot of online services have emerging to provide a place for storing data such as Google Drive and so on thus more and more people prefer this way of storing data than the ways using other devices like a flash disk and a hard drive. Thus, here are some steps on how to Data Backup in Philadelphia using the internet.

Find quality online storage solution

Online storage is a growing field and enables users to copy the data to a separate server. The copying of data online can help ensure your data is not easily lost, and you can access it anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. There are different kinds of service, whether paid or free, with varied features:
–    Backblaze – offers unlimited storage at a low price per month.
–    Carbonite – is one of the services most trusted online copying. Carbonite offers unlimited storage for a monthly fee. Carbonite well known for its automatic copy solution.
–    SOS Online Backup – SOS offers unlimited storage for all types of accounts.

Understand the difference between storage and copying services online

Services such as Google Drive, SkyDrive (one drive), and DropBox offers online storage but requires you to constantly update it manually. The file will be synchronised between all devices running your account, which means that if the files are deleted on the server copy, it will also disappear from all your devices are connected with it! This service also does not offer a robust version of the file, which means you will be hard or impossible to restore older versions of a file. You can use this service as a way of free storage, but know that the service is not strong enough to actually be referred to as “service copy”. You still have to keep your copy manually.