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Visit The Breeze BSD City

Mall concept is different from most other Mall you can indeed find at The Breeze BSD City. Building without walls that are all replaced with a protective glass. A unique concept like a greenhouse. View The Breeze BSD city offers a mix of nature, a pond filled with fish, aquarium attractive and rivers which almost surrounds the entire building. You can find various of interest places in South Tangerang and also the latest news of it by visiting us at http://www.tangselone.com.

You can find the food varied widely ranging from Western, Asian, to the more traditional again at The Breeze BSD City. Location jutting into the making of The Breeze BSD City is not noisy and uncomfortable from the crowd. Feel the natural feel in the Mall only you can feel in The Breeze BSD City. The Breeze is still a region with ICE BSD and AEON Mall although slightly apart.