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No Need Lens Changing To Take Pictures

The advantages of the compact cameras you could find at www.digitlist.com is that it does not need to change lens constantly, unlike a DSLR camera if you want taking panorama need a wide angle lens, for photographing distant objects need a telephoto lens or zoom, for macro shooting, needs a special macro lens. Virtually all pocket cameras can shoot macro, zoom, wide without having to replace (buy) lens again, although there is also an extra accessory in the form of adapter macro, telephoto and wide for some type of advanced compact cameras, which of course is quite expensive.

It also has sharper picture or wider DOF (Depth of Field), because the camera’s image sensor pocket is smaller, the character of DOF is wider than a DSLR camera, which means that setting the focus and aperture somewhat less fit may still get sharp photos because of depth of field is still quite spacious, if a DSLR camera narrower depth of field so that one little focus can cause blurred, setting a less precise aperture could lead to a focus on people’s faces just as sharp portraits around the eyes but the nose and ears blurry.