Choose the best baby bottles to avoid nipple confusion

Babies are unique that they have different needs in the ways of feeding. There is a baby who gets rid of nipple confusion after they latch one bottle, but some others need to develop it after some bottles. If you want to have your baby get rid of nipple confusion, you can buy Comotomo Natural Feel Bottle which is the best baby bottles to avoid nipple confusion.

The nipple confusion is the situation that the baby is breastfed by using the baby bottle and the natural breastfeeding. It is often experienced by the baby whose mother is a working mother bringing on the combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Therefore, you need to be selective in choosing the baby bottle for your baby in order to avoid nipple consumption syndrome. As the matter of fact, the babies who get both breastfeeding and bottle feeding will find difficulties to differentiate the two nipples.

If you have your baby getting the baby nipple confusion, you might need to wait for giving bottle feeding until the baby aged 6 weeks. It will help the baby to learn the pattern of breastfeeding. If you want to start bottle feeding, you can choose Comotomo Natural Feel Bottle which is good to avoid the nipple confusion because Comotomo Natural Feel Bottle is really soft in the mouth of the baby. However, if you are using the right baby bottle, the nipple confusion will be avoided. More importantly, you need to give the bottle feeding as possible as you can in order to make the baby becomes familiar with bottle feeding.

So, it is not hard to avoid the nipple confusion for your baby. Just need to choose the best baby bottle which can reduce or even avoid the baby nipple confusion which so troubles some for the baby and the mother as well